05/04/10 - *Versace perfect for this Spring*
28/03/10 - *Princess .08*
20/03/10 - *Best looks of Fall 2010*
1. Spot on at Cavalli, that fur, the pants, the shoes, hot. 2. How cute is that Just Cavalli baby doll dress with the leather jacket? Very.
3. Lanvin made an amazing shoulder less pantsuit. 4. A dress to die for at MiuMiu. ;) 5. We like it, Jason Wu. 6. McQueen. Art.
1.Cute puff and cute dress at JMendel. 2. Balmain’s purple fur and pants. 3. THE DRESS! BY BALMAIN.
4. Nice colors and layers at Cerruti. 5. Dior made a very charming look we love. 6. Daytime perfection by Cynthia Steffe.
04/03/10 - *Princess .07*
21/02/10 - *Made in China*

-Wow, China, what a country. I was there for about a month and it sure made an impression on me. Everything is spread out, buildings are high, everything is big and bigger… Well… part anyway, the rest is quite dirty.
China combines a socialist system and a market economy; it’s a process rather then a status, since it’s still developing. Chinese people do work really hard; the gap between rich and poor seams big. People are loud but smile a lot and they have soul. I truly had a great time, met so many cool and fun people. I celebrated my birthday there, made Swedish meatballs for everyone and we ate them with chopsticks!
Is China going to be the world leading economy? I’m really not sure… it’s very export driven. But all I can say is, it’s exciting and happening! Go visit it! / Monika

02/02/10 - *Water or Laser? - by Inga Fredlund*
Body sculpting has over the years developed into a procedure with minimal incisions, reduced pain, trauma, and bruising, and faster healing. Almost like going to the dentist it seems. Latest on the market are laser- and water-liposuction.

Laser-liposuction or so called “smart-lipo”

•    is  done under local anesthesia (similar to the one you get at the  dentist)
•    you  can get up and walk out directly after the operation
•    recovery  takes 2-3 days, then you wear a corset for 2-4 weeks
•    results  are said more even then traditional liposuction
•    laser  causes the skin to shrink instead of sag


Laser liposuction is what convinced me to go ahead and do it.
No veins being punctured, almost no down time and lasting results.

The cost of a laser liposuction depends on how much fat will be removed and how hard the fat is. So it’s impossible to get a price unless you meet the doctor in person. After serious research on the net, looking for smart liposuctions gone wrong without any reliable result to prove it, convinced, I booked an appointment.

Right after I scheduled my appointment, I came across even newer way to get rid of that extra junk: water liposuction, called Body jet.

Just as the ocean's waves sculpt the sandy beaches; the gentle power of Body-Jet will sculpt and shape your body. The ad reads. With Body-Jet, the quantity of fluid maintained at any given time within the body is greatly reduced, allowing the physician to accomplish a better anatomical assessment with an improved means for accurately removing fat during the procedure.

Said and done, next Monday I have an appointment with body-jet doctor, after that I will decide on witch to choose. 
February will be when I do my first adjustment in the beauty section – ever!

Why not just work out?

I haven't given up on my workout routine. Actually I've added a ballet class to it.

I don’t believe one means has to eliminate the other to achieve a goal. I do believe in healthy eating and working out. Now, I will not sweat it to keep my behind in status quo, because it will be just fine, I can focus on fine tuning my bod into puuuurrrection, for beach 2010 – the summer of Ibiza for me! /Inga Fredlund

13/01/10 - The Supreme Looks Pre Fall 2010:
Pre Fall 2010
These Versace, Louis Vuitton, Proenza Schouler, Missoni, Lanvin, Alexander Wang and Balenciaga looks are dead on.
Picture credits to Style.com
12/01/10 - *NKOTB*

Internet connected TV is the new thing. This little Boxee won the “Last gadget standing” award at CES event. It can take all your videos from your PC and the web and it also lets you watch thousands of movies for free.



08/01/10 - *Princess .06*
.29/12/09 - *Get Smart and Feel Great!*
- by Inga Fredlund

Hey You! Want to be smarter and more on top of it when it comes to your cash?
It’s definitely going to loosen you up and make you happier knowing what’s going on.

Here are the basics in how to run your own finances, a great way to kick off 2010.








1. Immediate expenses folder

Direct debit
Bank statements



2. Personal folder
Few times yearly expenses:
Retirement plan
Personal information (passport, name change, soc sec)
Drivers license


3. Work folder
Recommendation letters
Career coaching



In my first folder I have year budget. It’s my prediction; my crystal ball is you want. 

On top of the page I have my key numbers. I count what my last year’s salary was and divide it by 12, that way I get average month income. I do the same with average monthly expenses. Income minus expenses + the amount monthly you need to live off = your savings. That is the number you can play with. That number decides what you can do, when and if you can.
After my yearly budget, I have my monthly sheets. Each month I take a new sheet, I name after the month and I accumulate this month’s bills, and I put down what's left of the salary. I usually keep twelve months. That gives you an overview, easy to track back and gives you a total check in case you suspect the phone company or gas company are ripping you off for example. 
Several times a year I go through my expenses critically, I try to decrease three largest posts (usually it is rent, telephone and shopping). I have decreased my rent to a minimum by sharing my living space. That’s an easy way out. Increasing your pay is easier said then done. I also noticed it is easy to be overly optimistic when you count your future income, that’s why you need to count on the lowest pay possible.
Here’s an example how next months sheet might look like: 

January 2010 

Paid: 5 000
Rent: 2 000
Telephone: 100
Loans: 300
Car: 200
Union: 30
Gas and water: 100
Living (food and necessities) 800
Surplus: 1470 


Summary: Get organized! Folder it, keep back track at least one year, get a clue.
Yearly budget and a key number gives you a hint when to invest and be smart!
You'r the boss! /Inga

19/12/09 - *Outfit: Zebra Giraffe*
- A good way to change up your jacket n’ outfit is to throw a big scarf on top or around your shoulders;
it just gives you a bit of glam. This great zebra-giraffe piece has two different sides to it,
and it’s super warm and soft.
Adoring my shiny DKNY jacket, Zara skirt, and the bow shirt plus sweater are from Ambience by V.V.P.
I added the cute bear to my glossy Guess bag for a lil' extra fun. Kisses! *Monika*
Photos by Ryan Hager
17/12/09 - *Gossip Girl Manga*

Yen Press is going to release "Gossip Girl" the manga. That’s Serena van der Woodsen on the cover and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the gang look like.


01/12/09 - *Winter Tips*
19/11/09 - *Outfit: Cupcake Coat*
-I was hanging out at Neil’s Garden with Candacee, drinking the most amazing Mint Hot Chocolate, when she snapped these pics of me. The adorable little coat if from Liz Lisa, and you’ll find their adorable little shop in Tokyo with tones of great pieces. You’ll probably want the whole shop. I know I do. / *Monika*
Photos by Candacee White
10/11/09 - *November Wish List*
09/11/09 - *She tries*
05/11/09 - *We love Filippa and her Style!*
Check out Filippa's blog at Elle
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