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.13/09/09 - *Chick Flicks* by Inga Fredlund
Here's low-down on my favorite flicks that I watched this summer.
If you are a chick or gay or both, these are inspirational. What else is better then some late summer inspiration?

The Classic - Mullholand Drive

If you haven't seen it yet, it’s a must. One of Lynch's lighter movies. I just couldn't get over how hot Naomi Watts and that other chick is. But that's one of Lynch´s traits; he creates those beautiful creatures in his movies, mysterious and sexy.




The American- Japanese Movie - The Ramen Girl

If you are a Japan lover, or have been there, you will like it. If you can get over Brittany Murphy's crack-whore voice. It’s about an American chick that finds herself one day clueless in Japan... Makes you want to eat ramen too...




The Costume Drama - The Duchess

Power-babe movie. Not as shallow as the trailer makes it look like. It actually has a decent story to it. Perfect to watch in your PJ's in bed.




The Documentary - Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jumpoff

Based on true facts. This is a documentary about that chick that wrote “Memoirs of a Video Vixen”. Good for those of you who want/tried to make it in Los Angeles or anywhere else. Is about how to become best at the game and BEAT the game. Inspiring.




The Puppy Love - The Reader

Teacher – student and forbidden fruit. Kate Winslet doing it better then in Titanic. Movie has a dramatic twist! Romantic.




The Sexy - Lady Chaterley's Lover

French-babe-movie. Total sex. This is good to watch with your honey. Guarantee to bring that sexy feeling without any sleaze.