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.20/08/09 - Time to get MOTIVATED!
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My goal this summer was to get in the same shape I was in when I lived in LA and  had a Personal Trainer. Do I miss her! Who will charge me $100 for being late/absent from the gym?
That was some motivator!


Goal: I want low body fat and lean muscles. Like most women, I don’t want to get bulky.

Myth buster 1: When I expressed that concern to my PT, she told me, for me to get bulky, I need to spend 3-6 hours daily at the gym (think muscle beach) and use steroids. So regular workout will NOT make you bulky. My PT also told me sleep and food makes up 70% of the result, working out is only 30%!!! Just by eating right and sleeping you could look semi-good. That’s good, because I’ve hit the gym like 4 times this summer.

Eating right: this is the tricky part for me, since I don’t like focusing on food. 4 small meals a day. Think Atkinson, but more fish/chicken/meat. To complement all the meat-need, there are pure protein shakes…

Myth buster 2: Protein shakes are not anabola  and they don’t make you bulky. Most of slimfast-ish shakes are built on similar recipe.

Routine:  I want to pursue a schedule of 3 cardio and 3 weights a week. Each week focus on one body part. 

Motivator: I’ll take pictures of myself full body front and side, each month in the same spot.

Its one of those easy tricks that sound dumb, until you sit there with three sets of pix.
Will I dare to post mine?

Must fix list:

1. Vitamins

2. Proteins shake

3. Tuna, oatmeal, sweet potatoe, chicken, fish, meat, veggies, nuts

4. Drink loads of water

5. Sleep

6. Do a weekly workout schedule

7. Photograph  yourself front and side, set goals

8. Get yourself to the gym (the trickiest part)

So who’s with me? Beach 2010?

- Inga Fredlund